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This is the second installment in the other side series.

Warning, this synopsis will contain spoilers.

The Other side II represents the theme of duality on small and large scales. In the first book, we studied the significance of one's connection to one another.

In this story, we will keep track of the connections with Festano and Stefano, Leon and Nèol, Selim and Miles, Èphraim and...a few others...

And then on the grandest scheme of things, the Neo Knights and The Lunae Lux.

Between this semblance of dualism, there is a clash of wills. The people of the Neo Knights are separated by a great divide.

One part of the neo knights wish to return home to see their family and friends...The other part wishes to stay back and fulfill promises made to stefano before being captured by the lunae lux.

Some Neo Knights claim that someone besides Festano and The Lunae Lux is keeping them hostage. Like Leon, some of these Neo Knights feel forced to live on Planet Heart.

Could it be the man who has claimed to be their source of guidance all along?

What will become of their freedom? How will they retaliate against the Lunae Lux and Festano Igor? Find out, in the second installment of The Other Side.

Update [9/24/19]

You can check into this page anytime to find out just where I am with this story :)

Right now, we're currently on edit #6! This edit focuses on expanding the parts of the story that require development such as; Dialogue, character descriptions, scene portrayal and much more.

We're learning a lot about our mistakes with our first story, and are doing our best to make the second book way stronger than its older sibling. We can't wait to show you what comes next.